The centerpiece of our studio is a Harrison 4032 recording console from the late 70’s, which started its career in Westlake Studio in Santa Monica, moved to New Jersey before ending up in its home with us in Red Hook. The board has 40 channels, with awesome EQ’s and amazing filters. Steely Dan recorded using this model, This is the favorite of Bruce Swedien, and it was used to record Blondie’s hit “The Tide is High”. Come have a listen!

Harrison 4032

Ribbon Mics:
RCA 77-DX (2)
RCA 77-D (2)
Lifetime Ribbon
Beyer M160
Amperite SR-80
Amperite RB-M

Neumann U67
Neumann U 87 (1)
Neumann TLM-103
AKG 414 (3)
AKG 451 EB (2)
AKG 451 E
AKG 451
AKG 4030
AKG C-12
AKG C1000 (2)
Western Electric Model #47 (This is
one of the oldest existing, fully
working tube mics in the country)
Shure KSM-32 (2)
Shure SM-81 (2)
Marshall MXL-2001
EV RE-34
Audio Technica 303S

Sennheiser 421 (3)
SM-58 (6)
SM-57 (8)
Shure Beta-52 (2)
Shure 441 (2)
AKG D-112
AKG-D12 (2)
Astatic JT-30
Shure 55-SW
Shure 556E

Mic Pre’s

Neve 31102
UA 6176
Amek 9098
Oram Electronics MWS-2
Blue Tube Stereo
Digitech VCS-1 tube
Symetrix 528

Teletronix LA-2A
Art Pro VLA (stereo)
Drawmer 1968
Blue Max (stereo)
DBX 160X (2)
UA 6176
DBX II Model 128
Digitech VCS Tube (stereo)
HHB Radius 20 Tube EQ
Orban Parasound Parametric

Lexicon LXP-15
Lexicon Model 200
Yamaha REV 7
Yamaha SPX-90
Alesis Microverb
Sherman Filterbank
DBX 120 XP Subharmonic
ART FXR Elite MultiEffects

UREI 809 (Pair)
Yamaha NS-10 (Pair)
Dynaudio BM15A
Genelec 1029 (Pair)
Auratone (Pair)
Bryston 4B

Digidesign 192 ProTools 8 HD2 24 I/O
Many Plug-ins
Tascam DVRA-1000 HD
Denon Dual Cassette Deck

Musical Instruments
Yamaha G1 Baby Grand (early 80’s mint )
Yamaha UI Upright Piano
Fender Rhodes 73 Piano
Hammond C3 w/ Leslie 122 cabinet
VOX Jaguar sold in Canada as the GEM (aka Briscoe) Model P Combo Organ.
Nord Lead 3
Premier Drumset (w/ new K cymbals)
Nice Gretch Kit also (limited time only)
Roland TD-6 Electronic Drums
Fender Jazz Bass ’62 Re-issue
Breedlove Acoustic Bass
48 Street Custom Bass
Mark Campelloni Fretless Bass
Jackson ElectricvGuitar
Takamine Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Takamine Nylon String Guitar
Technics 1200mkII turntables (4)
Korg Microkorg
Alesis Keyboards
Roland U-60 keyboard
Kora (2)
Djembe (3) ((Best in the world-Wula)
Doun Doun (6)
Conga (LP’s Giovanni, Salsa models, etc)(4)
Assorted Percussion

Fender Bassman Amp
Fender Vibro Champ
Fender Twin Reverb Amp
Fender Super Reverb 4X10
GK 800 RB Bass Head
GK Backline 115
Mesa Boogie 1-15 Cab
Premier Model#50
SWR Goliath II 4X1

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